Traditional Treasure Temple Choker in Grand & Luxurious Diamond Nakashi Panache

Soak in the royalty, rich culture and classic beauty of this choker. This choker has an amazing spread of antique floral motifs and unique divine goddess Lakshmi. Go beyond the preciousness horizons with the essential luxuriousness of peacock motifs. The peacock’s feather in paisley motif, is lustered diamonds; scattering light into brilliant facets.

Natural Diamonds
  • Natural Diamonds
Diamond Quality


Ornament Purity

18k Diamond Studded Jewellery

Diamond Care
  • Once every week, clean your diamond jewellery in lukewarm soap water and rub it down gently with a brush, to remove the dirt and grime from the surface and ensure a long lasting shine.
  • Remove your diamond jewellery when you go swimming or while doing household chores, so that the grime doesn’t make your jewellery look dull.
  • Keep your jewellery in separate boxes to reduce the chances of scratches on the metal.

Aashirya’s Promise

All our Jewellery are studded with natural diamonds that are International Standard Lab Certified Diamonds!

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